Hey hey!

My name is LeeAnn and I am so excited that you are here reading this! I am a creative and I love all things art! I love graphic design, illustrating, lettering and much more. 

Starting from a young age I took an interest in drawing, although, I started out ROUGHHHH LOL. I mainly drew portraits and I slowly noticed that I was actually getting decent at what I did. I had so many people supporting me and encouraging me with compliments which pushed me even further (thanks Nene for all the art supplies you bought me through the years)! 

As I got older I started painting which I LOVED (still do). I got better and better at painting and started picking up lettering and calligraphy. I had friends asking me left and right to paint their jean jackets and shoes which I fell in love with doing. I then picked up graphic designing on programs like Procreate, Adobe Illustrator, and such. 

And that brings us to where we are! I am so excited to launch some of my designs into physical products that you can rock! Thank you for your support in this new small business endeavor.

With Love,
Lee in Colors